You may have heard by now about the Nest thermostat, and how it can save you up to 20% on your energy bills each month. A Nest thermostat will learn the temperatures you like, and at which times, and make the adjustments for you. Let us install one for you and show you how simple it is to start racking up the savings!

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Benefits of a Nest Thermostat

nest_cooling_with_leafThe thermostats in your home control about half of the energy that your entire home consumes on a regular basis. That’s more than any TVs, refrigerators, lights and computers in your home combined! With such a large portion of your energy relying on the thermostat in your home, it’s important that they are properly programmed; however only about 11% of household thermostats are actually programmed correctly, wasting thousands of dollars of energy every month.

A Nest thermostat does the work for you; it learns the schedule you are on, and the settings you prefer. Within a few days, it will have picked up your hours and your preferred temperatures, and adjust it for you. When you leave the house, it automatically turns up the air for you. And if you forget to set it, or would like to adjust it from afar, simply change the temperature from your smartphone or tablet using your online account.

You can even get a monthly energy report to find out exactly when your system was on, and it will include custom tips on how to save even more energy! The Nest thermostat makes it easy to see when you are saving energy, as the leaf logo appears on the face of the thermostat when you’re saving energy — oftentimes it’s simply a degree that makes the difference! Let us be the AC company you trust to start saving you money today — give us a call to get a free quote!

How Does a Nest Thermostat Work?

A Nest thermostat essentially programs itself to the settings and temperatures you prefer based off of your routines. After only a couple of days of you setting your preferred temperatures, your new thermostat will start setting itself, and start saving you money.

If there are a couple variations thrown in, days you come home early, or get chilly, you won’t confuse the thermostat by adjusting it. It will go back to the normal schedule after the one-time occurrence. When the weather gets cooler, or warmer, your Nest thermostat will re-program itself throughout the change of the seasons after just a few days of adjusting the temperatures, just as you did when you first got it.

Give us a call to find out how we can help you with the installation and setting up of your new Nest thermostat, and how much we can save you! Most homeowners recoup the price of the thermostat within a couple of months of installation, and our AC company is here to do it for you!

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We are able to install a Nest thermostat in Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Denham Springs and nearby areas. As an AC company with nearly twenty years of experience, we know how to help you get the most for your money — give us a call and get a free quote today!